Parent Recommendations

“My 3 children have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Leach for at least 4 years and we could not be happier!  Not only is Lynn exceptionally talented, musically, she loves children and has a gift for teaching and motivating her students.  Mrs. Leach has continually challenged my children to stretch their abilities, believing they can achieve more than they think!  I have recommended Lynn to numerous friends and they have all been thrilled with the results!!” –Laura M.

“Piano is an integral part of our family life.  Our daughters started taking piano lessons in their early elementary years but it wasn’t until they started with Lynn Leach’s Music Studio that their love of the piano really came to be obvious.  Lynn has always been very cognizant that our daughters’ primary instruments were those they played in band and that the piano supplements and enhances their performances on the French Horn and Flute.  Both girls have had tremendous success in their middle and high school bands due to their ability to sight read music–something they would never have learned so easily without their piano lessons. Lynn has been able to help our girls find a balance between demanding academics, band instruments and piano.  The girls have benefited from preparing and performing pieces before judges in a festival setting as well as playing ensembles at the Texas Music Teachers Association convention.  It is Lynn’s membership and leadership in the Plano Music Teachers Association that makes these opportunities available to our girls.” -Angela C.

“Our son, Peter, has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Leach for more than 2 years and we have seen marked improvement in his playing. He has been challenged to play pieces above his level and he has met the challenge with enthusiasm and success. Ms. Leach has been very adept to keep Peter a step ahead of his comfort level to keep him always pushing forward. Peter has also been involved in some very interesting ensembles and recitals while under her tutelage that has helped his confidence in playing in front of others.   We are so happy to have Ms. Leach as a piano teacher for our son.” – Celia R.

“It is with sincere pleasure that I write this review for Lynn Leach!  In the past I have recommended Lynn Leach Piano Studio to several of my friends and neighbors. I believe that you will be as pleased as our family has been with her professionalism and effectiveness in working with children of all different learning styles.  During the past 6 years Lynn has taught my son, age 11 and  daughter, age 9 how to read music, play the piano and understand theory. Lynn provides excellent communication for parents including a parent/teacher conference and a weekly system for parents to easily monitor their child’s practice times and progress.  Lynn also provides ample opportunity for her students to perform in different environments requiring students to play for judges in order to receive feedback and earn awards. As a mom, I have also appreciated and respected her overall philosophy of holding children accountable for their progress.  When my children study under Lynn they know that she has their best interest in mind and they feel comfortable discussing and working challenging pieces with her. As their piano instructor, my children know that she has compassion for them as well as a desire to challenge them to reach their full potential.”  – Teresa C.

“Lynn has been excellent for my daughter, Meg.  Lynn has worked with my daughter for 4 years and has identified areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement immediately and consistently.  Lynn has also gone above and beyond encouraging our daughter to continue piano as multiple activities compete for her attention.  The relationship that Meg has developed with Lynn has been instrumental in her desire to continue honing her piano skills.  Lynn has high expectation of her students but she has a special gift of encouragement that allows every opportunity for success.  My daughter has learned so much from Lynn that she began teaching our younger son “beginning piano” when she was 11 years old and he was 6.  And she was successful! I know she could not do that if she didn’t have an excellent role model!”  – Tammy D.

“My daughter has taken piano lessons from Lynn for the past several years. Lynn provides a very comfortable and fun learning environment for her students. She is very attentive to each of her students and their development.  I have been impressed with the progression I have seen since my daughter first started taking lessons. She has learned so much from Lynn and I would highly recommend her.”  – Cynthia B.

“Lynn Leach has taught my daughters piano since the Fall of 2010. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher for all ages. She is kind, positive, and great at encouraging children in developing their skills not only in playing the piano but learning music theory. I am so thankful for her. She makes piano so much fun. I have loved watching my daughters grow in their knowledge and skill with the piano. Thanks Lynn!” -Janine F.


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